Chris Turnbull

Administrators - Principal

6375 - 77 Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4P 3E9
About Me

Welcome to Glendale Sciences and Technology School (GSTS).  

My name is Chris Turnbull and I'm the Principal of GSTS.  I am so happy and priviledged to be able to work with such an amazing school, students and staff.  At home, I am also blessed with a beautiful family including a 2-year old daughter, Annabella and my wife, Andreanne.  

At GSTS, we have the special designation as a Science & Technology school.  This is doubly important for me as both hold a special place in my heart (I am a self-admitting Science and Technology geek, through and through).  When I can find some sparetime or am on holidays - my time is usually spent on these passions. 

 I am incredibly excited to see what this school will bring.  We will continue our main foci:

  1. Literacy & Numeracy
  2. Hands-on Science & the Incorporation of Technology
  3. Field Studies
  4. Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) - ARMOUR

I wish everyone a beautiful school year and look forward to the many memories we will create!



Mr. Chris Turnbull

BSc., BSEd., MEd.
Glendale Sciences and Technology School