Marilla Farries

Teachers - Elementary - Grade 3

About Me

Hello and welcome,

My name is Ms. Farries and I am one of two teachers, teaching grade 3 this year.

This is currently my fourth year of teaching and I am so thrilled to spend it with the Glendale staff. Previously, I have worked at Normandeau school and Annie L Gaetz Elementary school.  I have loved my time working for Red Deer Public Schools and being given the opportunity to see students grow over the course of ten short months. I am looking forward to another exciting year and being able to be part of their learning journey !

A little bit about myself. After graduating from the University College of Concordia with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) and a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature, I began my teaching career in 2013, as a substitute teacher. I did not work as a substitute teacher for very long and was put into a grade 1 classroom within a few months. I have been very fortunate to follow that year with working in a kindergarten class and a grade 4 class at Normandeau.  Now that my journey has brought me to Glendale, I feel fortunate to be teaching grade 3. My background is in language arts. I really enjoy watching students grow into thoughtful and well rounded readers and writers. I enjoy teaching science, art, math and social studies and combining them to build an interactive and engaging experience for my students. I look forward to continue to do this with Grade 3 this year!  


I was originally from Edmonton, but my family moved to Red Deer when I was very young. I was raised in Red Deer. I left Red Deer to return to Edmonton for six years. The pull to come back to my family and where I felt home was, was strong. It has been a pleasure to return and give back to Red Deer Public, because it has given so much to me. In my years of going through school, I have been blessed with having teachers who have engaged and challenged me. They continue to inspire me in my teaching practice and are part of the reason I felt called to the  teaching profession. 

Some of my interests and passions include photography, travelling, running, cooking, hiking, painting, camping and writing. When I'm not at school my dog keeps me very busy at home. 

Thanks for visiting this page, and I look forward to getting to know your child this year!