Don Jardine

Teachers - Middle School

6375 - 77 Street Red Deer, AB T4P3E9
About Me


Welcome to my grade 8 classroom bio! I have been teaching at Glendale "for a few years now" (hint - I was here when Glendale was a middle school) and still enjoy this age group of kids. I am not too sure if this age group keeps me young or is accelerating the aging process, but I can say without a doubt that there are very few dull moments around here. For the 2017-2018 school year I get to teach grade 8 social studies, language arts, phys-ed and another grade 6 phys-ed class. I will once again coach our senior girl's volleyball team as well as grade 8 badminton. Personally, I think I have a great schedule as I get to teach in the classroom but also get to get outside of it to teach phys-ed. When I was in school, phys-ed was my favorite subject. Today, I still enjoy being physically active. To wrap up, I am married to Cindy, have grown children that are out of the house and can honestly say - life is good!