I Love My Mom Because...

Glendale Mother’s Day Tea Event

By: Lexi Wright

Hundreds of children gathered in the Glendale School gymnasium on May 11th to make crafts, eat snacks, and of course, say “I love you” to their mothers.

The gymnasium was decked out in paper flowers, banners, and colorful mother’s day ornaments, but one of the best parts had to be the snacks (which looked too delectable to taste!).

The event opened with an address from Principal Chris Turnbull, who recently became a father in January. Afterwards, students in kindergarten to grade three lined up at the front of the gymnasium to announce why they love their mothers. The responses were both adorable and hilarious. Some fan favourites include:  

“I love my mom because she gives me kisses”

“I love my mom because she let’s me stay up late when I watch movies”

“I love my mom because I just do”


“I love my mom because she loves me”.


Mom’s and daughters alike had a wonderful time making crafts and spending time with one another.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, talented, hard-working, mothers out there!