School Supplies

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I cannot believe it is time already to send this notice out to you!  Where did the school year go?  It seemed like just  yesterday, we were parading students around school in their Halloween costumes!  I guess it is a little bittersweet - in one hand we get to celebrate the closing of a great school year but in the other, we must keep an eye on the horizon for 2017-2018.

To help parents through the madness of back to school shopping, Glendale Sciences and Technology School is providing parents a few options for buying their child’s school supplies:

  1. School Supplies List - A grade specific GSTS list will be given directly to parents and they can purchase the supplies at their own discretion.
  2. Local Red Deer Retailers - A grade specific GSTS list will be supplied to local retailers (Staples, Walmart) and parents can purchase school supplies from them.
  3. School Start Retailer - A grade specific GSTS list is given to School Start who creates order forms which parents can complete and the supply list is delivered directly to your house.  No shopping required. Please contact the office for information on how to access this service.

We hope these options provide the flexibility and convenience suitable for your child and family.